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Need a job? Here are the best cities to work in B.C. in 2017!

The results are in for the best cities in which to work in B.C. next year according to BC Business Magazine. And there is a new number one. Squamish has risen from number four to number one in this year’s ranking due to a number of factors says Matt O’Grady ...

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Downtown Squamish is quickly growing – and changing!

Developments are anticipated to double Squamish’s population Jack Cutler plants the palms of his hands firmly on the top of the display counter. “The only thing you are going to be able to recognize Squamish from is the Chief and Garibaldi,” he says pointing out the front door of the ...

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Squamish- Woodfibre LNG project is ‘a go’

Pacific Oil and Gas takes final investment decision on $1.6 billion LNG plant in Squamish! “This project is a go” – Byng Giraud, Woodfibre LNG For a premier facing a spring election with the prospect of having nothing to show for her promise of a liquefied natural gas industry, it ...

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